Monday, March 29, 2010

When you try, do you really try?

Now I know we all have come into contact with competition in life. Whether it be for academics, arts, sports, or simply knowledge on a particular subject. But have you ever had to really try to achieve something? I mean REALLY try. I have noticed something about myself recently, a comment I received once, "Wow Courtney, you really are a jack of all trades". Now I did appreciate that comment, at first. I have many skills in a wide variety of areas, however the entire quote that person was referencing is "a jack of all trades, a master of none.".... that last part rang in my head for quite some time, master. What was I the BEST at?

Thinking back, there were many times when effort and skills got me to a certain point, but the last stretch left me afraid of failure. So here I am now, in college, majoring in Sociology, minoring in Italian, and still working towards a career involved with writing and maybe music. I have no idea what my future holds for me, and in my dreams it appears as a swirling vortex of pressures and opinions and expectations ...and yet, at the end of the tunnel is still, me... all of my hopes and wishes.

So here I stand now, scared to death to fall down that hole. Yet, don't you think if you got a sprinting start you will end up going farther and maybe even making it across? I do, and ladies and gentlemen... that is the plan.

Now we all know I love using fun references... this time it is a movie. Go and watch Meet the Robinsons , it is animated and absolutely awesome. The catch phrase for this film... "KEEP MOVING FORWARD." There is a part of the movie where the protagonist fails at something, and the family cheers... because he TRIED. After all, as the cliche` phrase goes, if at first you don't succeed... try, try again. At the end of the day, failures is what makes things better than the first idea that was created. So let's all go out there and try.

So now, for all of YOU....

CHALLENGE: Want something? Do it... This post I want you to focus on something that scares you. It may be as simple as trying a little harder at something because of the fear to mess it up. Whatever you decide... just TRY. Whether with a personal relationship, with a drawing, sports, a career aspect... whatever you want.

This week I have ALREADY done the challenge so I will share what mine was. I am a writer... obviously... but I have always been afraid to read it out loud. To show it to people and let them share opinions because I fear I am not good enough. I come from a life of high expectations and at times too much pressure, which causes a perfectionist attitude at times. So I stopped writing all together not too long ago, but the other day it was sunny and I was inspired. I walked along and stopped in front of a group of protesters, against war. I sat on a bench nearby and wrote, and when I was finished, I called home and read it aloud. Not going to lie, it felt good. :)

So now it is your turn... even if it SUCKS just try it... you will feel better, I promise :)
OH... and let me know how it goes!

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RachelFerrucci said...

So happy you're writing again! You will find your expertise before you even know it. As we get older, we keep learning and if we're concentrating on one area- we become experts, without knowing it. Hearing you talk about music (bands- who sings what) I would say you're an expert at that! The trick is to find your passion and go with it.
OH- and I plan on renting that movie!