Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Take a breath, hold it in.

" I want adventure in the great wide somewhere, I want it more than I can tell. and for once it might be grand, to have someone understand. I want so much more than they've got planned"--Belle, Beauty & The Beast.

^This quote embodies my current thought process. Life is full of so much; full of opportunities, full of mistakes, full of energy. When asked what you want out of life, most people would say some version of success, whether it is money, love, comfort. However I don't see people living just to live, to be full of life.

Everywhere I go I see beauty of life and the people in this world. Yes I become a cynic at times because this world is full of evil deceit and people just looking to get ahead, but there is good somewhere right?

Did you ever breathe in and just feel the energy around you? Pardon me for mixing Disney movies at the moment, but I am on a kick. Take Belle's sense of adventure, with Pocahontas's love for nature and life and create an attitude to have everyday. Now as a Sociology major and just finishing my gender midterm, let me appeal to the men as well because I know this seems "girly". You can have adventure too, not for "bringing home the bacon" either. Forget realistic, forget how the world tells you to hold yourself down... anything is possible.

Of course Belle's quote deals with the adventure of love, someone to understand her, but it is Disney what do you expect... independence? Ha.

Adventure of love would be wonderful, but that is harder to come by. Now adventure of life, that is something that can be found every day, in each breath we take. Now... for the main point here..

Go on an adventure. I am not saying to some unknown land or anything extreme. My friends and I go on adventures daily. Preferably a beautiful nature setting. Walk around a wooded path or a park and watch the way the sun glistens off of the leaves. Last week my friend and I went to a field, played music, and danced around. Anything will do.
ONE CONDITION-- this is where it gets tricky but I know you all can do it! Make sure you are truly and blissfully happy for one moment on this adventure, whether it's the music you are playing or just the way the river moves downstream... let yourself fill up with happiness to where you cannot hold back a smile. Think it is impossible to be that fulfilled with no material items? Think again, I do it daily =). Let LIFE fill you, let the energy of true happiness take over... and do something more.