Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Spread the LOVE<3

This post isn't going to be some big long story followed by my challenge.

Something short:

A lot of the time we don't realize what we have until it is gone. Some people are able to walk away from something they care about because of their pride and other stifling qualities. Love is in everyone's lives, whether it is family, a significant other, friends, or even pets. I find people get so wrapped up in so many materialistic and worldly things, that they lose track of what they love, what is truly important. I believe that as long as you have some type of love in your life, and it can stay strong, you can always make a bad day better. I would trade all of my material possessions to have a life of strong love with my family, friends, and eventually "the one". So your challenge today is something you should continue to do as much as you possibly can.

Challenge: Show someone how much you love them. Whether it is someone in your life you have taken for granted, someone who could use a little extra boost and knows that you are there for him/her, or someone you want to do something extra special for. Take a decent amount of time (just saying I love you or texting it does not count) and do something to show it. Actions speak louder than words, and if people followed this lesson maybe certain days won't hurt so bad.

Peace. Love. Respect. <3

Sunday, March 15, 2009

a true straight-shooter

Have you ever noticed you never hear the exact advice twice? As much as I would like to help people with their problems, before I do I get every detail I can... Details, those tiny miniscule things that can change an entire perspective of a problem. Figuring out people from their own truths and lies is probably one of the most complicated scenarios life has to offer. Yet, that questioning of others' motives and true feelings, creates all the relationships we as humans have.

I personally try to never lie. I know, it sounds cliche, and you are thinking "yea right everyone lies." You are probably right. When my friend is upset and her cheeks are all puffy, I will tell her she is still as gorgeous as ever so she can get up and feel better. However, when it comes to emotions, to feelings about something, I never lie. To many people I am known as incredibly blunt, though I do it with a sincere tone and do not ever mean to offend or hurt someone. If you do something that bothers me or hurt me, I won't go tell someone else, but you will know and I will explain myself to my best ability.

I made one of my best friends that way, I did not like her, she knew it. However she told everyone that I was "classy" because she knew how I felt before the whole school, and I never said anything catty or "bitchy", I simply stated facts that she did, and why they bothered me. (one of those complicated friends with the same people , boyfriend cheated on me with her things). We realized it was childish and became friends, and that is something I guarantee you do not see every day. Especially for young teens.

Every now and then when I post, I will present my readers with a challenge. Last time was to try to live with the carefree loving of a child. This one, go an entire week without lying. If that is too much start off at a day. Just because you are honest does not mean you have to be rude either.

I have recently been hurt incredibly by someone I cannot figure out due to multiple lies and contradictory actions. If we each started to be more honest and straightforward, maybe that trait would start to pass down. Children see lying constantly and are bred for it. We can make a difference.

Peace, Love, & Koalas<3