Saturday, February 28, 2009


As children we are told to use our imagination, creativity, and dreams to guide us. Playtime, you remember don't you? Being a pirate or a doctor or anything you wanted, just dreaming about adventure and excitement.

But it seems as we all enter a certain age, where dreaming is cut off and logic takes over. As I get further along the path of adulthood I realize how badly I wish I could change this new world. It is about tangible objects, not about loving or caring, it's about money and self preservation. My father use to tell me as a child that I was more excited about big boxes than the toys inside them. Toys have a function, this is what is it, this is how you use it, go. Not the box though, it could be anything. I would cut out holes in it for a house, a robot, car, spaceship, boat, cave. You can look at the Rugrats episode when Tommy's father buys him a Kiddy Karnival for reference.

I find that simpler things are more entertaining, something that lets the mind wander, lets it breathe and stretch the imagination. Sure, there are inventors and writers and such, but lets face it, most of us end up doing the same thing every day, and that imagination drifts as we transform into adults.

I would like to be a child forever, and keep using my imagination. I am going on 19 years old, and I still think some of the most exciting times I have are when I am pretending and imagining and just playing, like a child. I will get up in my dorm and dance and sing. I love walking around the campus on nice days, listening to music, maybe singing, and letting my mind wander, I can almost see the fake creatures I dream up running alongside me. Or maybe I am apart of a great scene and the spotlight is on me. Either way, being a kid beats it any day.

Think about if children ran the world, it would be much easier don't you think? "This country hurt my feelings, apologize, okay?, now go play together." Children don't have prejudice and stereotypes, until adults build them in and say, "We'll that is how it is sweetie" We have all heard it getting older. If people were just able to keep that childlike mentality, things could be easier. Children don't use complicated versions of things, basic respect runs their lives. Share, play nice, and help each other.

I will keep this blog short, but I challenge anyone reading this to bring their kid out one day. Whether you are alone at home, or bored in the office, sit and let your mind daydream, not about material possessions like becoming a millionaire, but about true happiness. Dance around your house and act like a star. Or just sit and imagine something you haven't since you were a child, if it helps, take out some toys. You are never too old to imagine. =)

Peace, Love, & Koalas.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Internal Dreams

So, I haven't written since last year. Wow, strange to say isn't it. I will be 19 this summer, which means I am almost 20, TWO DECADES! Time flies. I still remember having my little adventures when I was little. Adventures are bigger and much more intense nowadays. As a freshman I already feel the pressure of getting a perfect 4.0 and choosing my major that will determine the rest of my entire life! It all hits me at once sometimes.

I don't want to have a job, or even a career. I want to say I fulfill my dreams everyday, to keep my passion burning strong. I love writing, and though blogs are not exactly my forte', my stories keep me going. Though with this busy college life, stories have been on hold. I am a writer and performer, and that reflects my newest aspiration in life. Opening a studio maybe?

Something small and local. Not for creating famous stars and making millions of dollars, but to make people happy. I am a dancer and singer and I love it more than anything. I have not been blessed with the incredibly tall tiny boned body of a ballerina. Hip hop and contemporary is more my style, but even at my best, I am no Mia Michaels. (One of my favorite choreographers) Singing is the same thing, I have a decent voice, and people like to hear me sing. However, I am no Whitney.

For me it is all about passion, getting up on stage or wherever the performance is, and singing or dancing my heart out. I feel the energy reverberating off of the crowd. I will have knots in my stomach and feel like I want to just scream from butterflies, but the second that first note sounds it goes away. I am in a zone and just live every emotion through each beat or syllable. The feeling is indescribable and is the best feeling in the world, the only time I am truly happy.

I want to give people that feeling. Put on a few small shows throughout the year, maybe one big one. Let everyone live out their dreams. Sure I probably have the talent and stage presence to maybe make a career out of it, but I would want to stick to small gigs and such. Then just teach and help out others, higher a few voice instructors for singing and maybe one or two people to help me out with the dancing.

I helped my friend the other day in my dance class. She struggled with some of the moves and I worked with her to get them right. The look she got on her face when I was done was amazing, and I was so excited to help her. I would love to help whoever I can.

So that is my current dream, give it a few days. Might change. =) My passion stays strong but exerts in different directions constantly.

Peace, Love, & Koalas<3