Monday, April 20, 2009

Fun Fact.

Hello again. Something I noticed is I have a bit of, well a catch phrase I guess you could say. I love using the phrase "fun fact"=) Why do I like this you ask? Well it is learning, learning can be fun. Now I do not mean I love sitting through boring lectures and all that, but when I am interested about something I like to learn. It can be very intriguing. So since you are reading, I will reward YOU with some fun facts of my own. =)

Fun facts:
-I go to Drew University which is one of the top 5 most haunted campuses in the states. I believe we are number three.
-Part of the underground railroad is directly under this campus, my friend saw part of the tunnel!
- You know the big fuss about Britney's new single? If you seek Amy? Well the dirty innuendo is originally done by a band called April Wine, an 80's band and there song titled " If you see Kay"

Now don't you feel smarter? haha Thought so. The point is, that in college I see a lot of people just getting by so they can get out and make money. People use to go to college to learn, to gain experiences and knowledge, but economic values washed those old ones away. In a day in the life of a freshman college student I see more students worried about what makes them money, and taking classes just to get it out of the way, rather than having love for something and wanting to know all about it. People ask me what I want to do, I want to do something I love. Sure, I would like to make a comfortable living, but I don't need anything in excess. Challenge time!

Challenge: Learn a fun fact. Learn A BUNCH of them! Take an interest in something, find out the answer to some bizarre question that you have always secretly wondered about. You can leave any fun facts you find in comments along with your reactions too if you would like! I love learning more, and as people who are blessed to live in such a strange and maginificent place like this planet, with all its culture and mystery, we should all want to learn something. So go off and explore!!

Peace. Love. Respect. <3

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


For those of you who do not know, that title is from the movie Cats Don't Dance, which is a cartoon and a very good movie!

Also, there is a change to my blog, did you notice? Did ya? I changed the title appropriately to "A day in the life..." This segment of my life can be known as "A day in the life of a college student".

Okay, so now for the point of this. BIG AND LOUD. BOLD. IN YOUR FACE. Without going overboard, these are usually seen as positive qualities in a person. Did you ever notice people around you can greatly effect your boldness level. My family is a bunch of Italians, enough said. However, on top of that, I have been dancing since I was three years old, which put me out there. Recently though, my boldness level seems to have dropped. Now I am still not what you would call a shy person, but for me, it has dropped a great deal.

My reasoning behind this is I put my faith in someone else, and let them make me feel bad about myself. It is amazing how someone who can put you up so high, is the same person who can make you fall as low as you can.

Faith in yourself is key. If you are awesome, KNOW IT, OWN IT. I am not exactly a model. 5'3 (which is considered tall in my family) with an athletic build and curves. But if I didn't tell you I wasn't awesome I would be lying. =) I am pretty sure we all are the best person we can be, if we thought we were not good people we would change that. There are exceptions to the rule, but the point here is confidence. For any of you who have read my Mama's posts (Touch'd) , confidence is sexy.

Okay, this is a short post, but the point of this one is the challenge itself. Many of my challenges I have done I feel are not as difficult for me, they are just how I live. This one however, is going to be more difficult.

CHALLENGE: take a risk. Not an itty bitty tiny one. Do something you normally would not do based on the pure fact that you are too nervous or shy to do it. Go up to that guy or girl, make that big proposal to your boss, dye your hair that crazy color you always wanted. It is something personal, and I know there are times we all look back and say "man, I wish I just did it." So DO IT. Like Nike says =).

Peace. Love. Respect. <3