Tuesday, May 5, 2009

F.I.N.A.L.S- eff I never actually learned this stuff.

So it is that time, finals. oh the joy of being a college student. One last crazy weekend followed by 24 hour quiet hours, sleepless nights, and junk food filled with caffeine and sugar to keep you focused on studying. Oh, and if you are bad at tests, you are d-o-n-e.

I have the joy of taking three lovely finals at the end of this semester:

1. Archaeology of Ancient Greece & Rome ( the class you thought would be interesting but actually makes you think of tossing yourself in front of a bus).

2. Introduction to Sociology (the class that is fun to be in and not too hard, but still covers a lot of information).

3. Italian II ( the class that decided not to have a midterm so you are forced to remember months of new conjugations and structure and when to use them in one test).

This is my weekend. Full of note cards, highlighters, headaches, & confusion. Where one final I have no idea what to study because the teacher makes no sense and everyone gets C's. Two where I am focusing on keeping my A's, and one class that did not require a final (Dance). I do not accept anything lower than a B, and even B's tend to get on my nerves. So these can make or break me. Which brings me to the challenge you all, I am sureeee, are wondering about.

Challenge: RELAX. Take twenty minutes, a few hours, a whole day, and relax. Calm yourself in every way possible. Go somewhere calming. Shut off the lights, light a candle or spray a soothing scent, take a bath. BREATHE. Stress can rule over people constantly and cause way more problems then the problem you are stressing about in the first place; trust me, I know.

so take some time, cleansing deep breaths, and refresh yourself!


Sogeshirtsguy said...

Good luck on finals. Its all about memorizing crap that you need to know for the test and then forgetting what you learned a week later. As long as you relax study a bit and find the smart people in your classes to cram right before the tests you should be fine.

Cheryl said...

Good luck on your finals. I'm up for your challenge! We all need to relax more. Great Post :)

OSUFAN said...

OSUFAN (from Twitter)

Final Week = Pain in the A**. I wish you the very best during the adventure.

Each on of use has our own way of relaxing. Some like to read or create quite time (no kids, TV, or other noise makers), for me it is actually getting outside and working in the yard.

Best of luck to you and enjoy your college years.


Rachel Ferrucci said...

After packing up my daughter from college, I need a relaxing moment! My house is now in disarray and I have two straight days ahead of getting everything in order.

Good luck on your finals, I'm sure you'll do great!

Rachel Ferrucci