Monday, May 18, 2009

Time to open up, open up wide.

Lately I have realized certain debates are completely futile. When debating with people who already are completely arrogant and continue to fuel their insecurities with the "I am older, wiser, better" phrase that is surely ringing in their head 24/7, the many conversations seem to have no end until the arrogance builds up to anger and they leave the conversation hot headed.

However, insecurity is the root of the problem. We all have them, insecure about our looks, intelligence, experience. Always asking questions like, " am I creative enough to do this?" "Am I not good enough because I didn't go to college?"

Insecurity, the word almost makes you automatically search for your own flaws. Sometimes they can make you shut down, fight back against it. You are insecure about how your life turned out, you feel inadequate so you always have to be right to people you see "below" you. Bullies when you are little are just projecting insecurities, that's what you always hear right? "Oh sweetie they are just insecure and need to pick on people to make themselves feel better".

We all have them, some people can deal with them in healthy ways, others can't. When people project their insecurities onto others, as frustrating as it is, I can't help but to pity them. They cannot help themselves, and are so insecure that they treat people poorly or act out to where they look almost idiotic. Challenge time =)

CHALLENGE: You can do one of two things this time. Take on your insecurity, feel bad about your look? Do something healthy for yourself, go for a run, get a facial, dance around your house (one of my personal favorites). If it's something more personal, research something, try to learn something new, you can just stand in the mirror and list all of your positives. I find when I get upset about myself, I list all of my good things and you realize "Hey, I guess I am pretty awesome." and YOU ARE AWESOME. we all have good points.

CHALLENGE NUMBER TWO: If you don't feel quite ready to take on your insecurity, or are still in a denial phase of not having any, be open-minded. The next time you lash out, or someone lashes out at you, try to think of why you, or that person, are really doing it. Let your mind stay open wide and allow new perspectives and ideas to come into your mind, see people for why they act certain ways rather than assuming "oh they are just ignorant".


Peace. Love. Respect. <3

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Richard said...

I grew up insecure and I don't fall into this catagory. Sometimes there more than one aspect to a personality. Great job!